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Update on Ripe Fruit – 17th July 2022

Update on Ripe Fruit – 17th July 2022 Continue reading

Perils of using Green waste compost, steer clear. 2022

The perils of using Green waste compost, steer clear. Continue reading

Summer Grafting July 2022

Well I have the need to graft (not budding) some apples, but I have run out of rootstocks?? What do I do. ?? I know I have some 2 year old grafted potted trees, with no home to go to. … Continue reading

Selection of Cherries – Ready Now 2nd July 2022 Cont’d

Selection of Cherries – Ready Now 2nd July 2022 cont’d Continue reading

Selection of Cherries – Ready Now 2nd July 2022

Selection of Cherries – Ready Now 2nd July 2022 Continue reading

Blackberry – ‘Black Butte’ – First of the season 2nd July 2022

Blackberry – ‘Black Butte’ definitely is the first of the season. It is the biggest, earliest and surprising tastes of blackberries. Continue reading

Blog update for SHIMIZU – PEACH (Greenhouse grown) July 1st 2022

SHIMIZU – PEACH – I was surprised to find that one peach had turned a very pale light colour, almost a milky white. I did a slight squeeze test, and it felt very soft. Continue reading

Chemical content of Composts – June 2022

As part of my upgarding of the nursery, we decided to investigate alternatives to ‘normal’ compost. Whilst most compost suppliers do not add a chemical content breakdown on the bags, they may well give a PH value. Which is usefull … Continue reading

Selection of Furry Fruit (Unripe ) – Mid June 2022

If the weather keeps up, and we have warm rain, it is looking like its going to be good year for Peaches, Almonds and Apricots. These are just a few of the varieties that we grow in an open field, … Continue reading


Pear (Pyrus communis)

It is hardy to zone 4, and it is in flower from Apr to May. The flowers are pollinated by Insects. The plant is not self-fertile.

The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked. The flavour ranges from rather harsh and astringent (cultivars used for making alcoholic drinks ie Perry) through to soft, sweet and very juicy. The best dessert fruits have an exquisite sweet flavour, usually with a very soft flesh, whilst cooking varieties have harder less sweet flesh.

Prefers a good well-drained loam in full sun. Grows well in heavy clay soils. There are many named varieties that can provide fruit from late July to April or May of the following year.

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It's a partially self-fertile variety which produces fruit earlier in the year than most. Well known for its particularly attractive blossom and then large apples.
Bakran farmers say not only are the apples red-fleshed, but the seeds and the young leaves, bark and roots of the trees are also red. The trees do not get infested and the juicy sweet-and-sour fruit contains more...
A very good disease resistant cider apple variety, that also produces nice sharp juice. It is classed as a bittersharp, and the fruit drops when ripe.
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