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Am I able to turn up and select my own fruit tree?

No - Sorry we are not a Garden Centre or retail Nursery. Orders can be placed via our website and the collection option can be selected at the checkout. Your order will then be ready for you to collect during our normal opening hours which are Monday-Friday 07.30-16.00. Our plants are grown in fields that are 3 miles away from our office. So it is not possible to just turn up and select your own trees.

When should I order apple scion wood
Hi - scions can be ordered any time. But its best to get an order in early, as many popular varieties run out towards January time.

Hi, I'm interested in creating a stepover "fence" for an allotment, but I've read conflicting advice online on the subject of rootstock, and I can't decide between M26, M27, or even M9. Do you have a view on this? And does it make a difference to ro . . .

It depends on what space you have, as the ultimate height of a rootstock is the width of one arm of the stepover. Taking M26 which grows to 3m, a single armed stepover will be 3m wide, whereas a double armed stepover (T shape) will be 6m.

This is not the only criteria, as some varieties on M26 are vigorous and will get to 3m per arm. Other varieties are not so and may only get to 2m per arm.

Also all dwarf / semi dwarfing rootstocks will need support, or they will keel over in time. This is why many use M116 or MM106 as they are self supporting. But they all need wiring to enable formation of the arms, as they will always try to grow vertically.

Hello, I'm interested in ordering plum Scion wood from you for grafting on to an existing plum tree in my garden. All varieties currently say they are unavailable to order - are they sold out by this point, or not up on your website yet? I'm specifi . . .

Hi - We have some Warw... D

But Japanese plums are more difficult, some varieties are already in flower. Some varieties that we have already shipped out, have broken bud in transit. Royal Mail shipping period can be 20 days for 1st class, which is not good.

But if you are to take the risk then yes.

Please contact if interested with quantity and address, then I will send Paypal invoice.

What is a temperature zone?

The USA comprises of about 10 different climatic zones, from Florida to Alaska. The prevailing climate is colder in zone 2 than in zone 10. Plants are very seldom capable of being the same vigour in all zones, when grown on the same rootstock. Therefore, different rootstocks are used as with different varieties that are grafted onto them.

Why are garden centres fruit trees so tall?

Our trees are normal sized for healthy trees grown naturally outside without chemical fertilizers.  When you buy a potted tree from a nursery, it could well be 5 years old and root bound (Roots tightly packed and circling the pot). Ours are normally 1-year old maidens. Potted root bound trees do not like to be transplanted into a new home. Wherever you plant our trees, they will adapt themselves to their new environment quickly.

Why are some of your trees sold-out?

As we are not a mass production unit, we only have limited runs of varieties. Due to the demand from our customers, these are sold quickly and there will be times when stock is not available.

Can I order rootstocks / scions / trees online?

Yes – All our sales go through our online shop.

Can I get discount if I buy in quantity?

Yes – In certain circumstances, where stock levels permit. We do offer a discount, this is shown on the product page, and will be reflected in your order. But our prices are competitive, given all the work we do to produce our trees. Buying a fruit tree is an investment. A fruit tree will pay back your investment in future years.

Where do I find Grafting Basics?

There are many good online guides for grafting basics. Anyone can start grafting with only a knife, some scion wood and rootstock, and a little knowledge.

Can you really grow Apples in Northern Climates?

Yes - But you certainly will not be able to grow any Granny Smith, Gala's or even MacIntosh apples. But there are lots of hardy variety's that have been selectively breed for Northern Climates, to survive the harsh winter climates.

In fact, you can also grow a lot of different species of fruit, be it pears, cherries, plums.

Can I have more than one delivery address on an order?

If you wish to have items delivered to different addresses then a separate order will need to be placed for each address. A delivery charge will be made for each order.

How much is the delivery charge?

The delivery charge is worked out by the actual weight and geographic location. This is detailed prior to order payment.

Are you able to deliver your fruit trees to Europe?

We can deliver within the EU, however there are a few exceptions. Due to plant health restrictions we are unable to deliver to any country outside the EU.

low chilling apple, pear plum variety name please its can grow 40 degree + temperature
Hi - We am sorry but we have absolutely no idea. In the UK we do not use the 'chill hours' and temperatures not much above 30deg C.

Your best bet would be to checkout the US fruit tree websites.




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