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What to do with bare root trees on delivery?

If the ground is frozen when your plants arrive, please open and check the contents, and temporarily store any bare root plants in a frost-free unheated place such as a garage or shed until there is a thaw. Keep the roots in a plastic bag or a bucket to avoid them drying out. But keep them damp at all times.

I see mould on my bare roots, will it be ok?

Yes it will be ok. Just wash it off in some warm (not hot) water.

My plants were wilted upon arrival. Are they dead?

During their shipping journey, our trees and plants travel in a dark box for two or more days and are likely exposed to extreme temperatures. Wilting is a normal way for trees and plants to conserve energy when exposed to these elements and is nothing to be concerned about. With proper watering, they will rejuvenate quickly.

Where should I send any Returns?

Please do not send any goods back to us by return, unless specifically requested to do so by a member of our Customer Services team. Please refer to Conditions of Sale for more info.

There are white marks on the leaves, should I be concerned?

All of the plants in our nurseries get watered daily and when the water droplets on the leaves evaporate, they leave behind mineral deposits which appear as white marks on the leaves. This does not affect the health of your plants.

The plants have arrived with yellow leaves, will they be ok?

They will be ok. This often happens to plants when they are in shock of being starved of sunlight for a couple of days in transit. Upon arrival give them some water and leave in a light position (not direct sunlight) – within a few days, you will notice them start to green up and recover perfectly.

Scion Storage

When scions are delivered, they must be removed from all packaging. It is essential, if they are going to be stored for up to 3 months, that they are kept at a low temperature with a minimal amount of dampness. Typically they are wrapped in kitchen tissue and small amounts of water applied just to dampen the tissue, and then into a plastic bag, and then into say the salad tray of a fridge (2-3 deg C).

Please keep checking on a regular basis.

Some people just stand the scions into a plant pot with soil in, and just left in the shade in the garden during the whole of winter. Obviously watch out for slugs etc.

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