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Faq Sections

Do you have a printed catalogue?

No - We have thought about it, but not at the moment, as they way too expensive and somebody has to pay for it down the line. All of our stock can be viewed and purchased from our website which displays live ‘available’ quantities.

Are your trees grown in pear-free compost?

I assume you mean 'peat' free compost. And yes we confirm that peat is not used in any potted plants. All is made from green recycled with sharp sand/perlite added.

Which of your Leicestershire apple cultivars are best for a relatively exposed site on clay soils?

All of the Leicestershire apple trees are grown on MM106 rootstock, which is ideal for growing on clay soils. In fact all of our mother trees are on MM106 and are field grown in heavy clay.

Any variety is suitable for an exposed location.

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Pre-Ordering Info
Am I able to turn up and select my own fruit tree?

No - Sorry we are not a Garden Centre or retail Nursery. Orders can be placed via our website and the collection option can be selected at the checkout. Your order will then be ready for you to collect during our normal opening hours which are Monday-Friday 07.30-16.00. Our plants are grown in fields that are 3 miles away from our office. So it is not possible to just turn up and select your own trees.

When should I order apple scion wood
Hi - scions can be ordered any time. But its best to get an order in early, as many popular varieties run out towards January time.

Hi, I'm interested in creating a stepover "fence" for an allotment, but I've read conflicting advice online on the subject of rootstock, and I can't decide between M26, M27, or even M9. Do you have a view on this? And does it make a difference to . . .

It depends on what space you have, as the ultimate height of a rootstock is the width of one arm of the stepover. Taking M26 which grows to 3m, a single armed stepover will be 3m wide, whereas a double armed stepover (T shape) will be 6m.

This is not the only criteria, as some varieties on M26 are vigorous and will get to 3m per arm. Other varieties are not so and may only get to 2m per arm.

Also all dwarf / semi dwarfing rootstocks will need support, or they will keel over in time. This is why many use M116 or MM106 as they are self supporting. But they all need wiring to enable formation of the arms, as they will always try to grow vertically.

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How can I pay for my order?

We only accept payment Online via Paypal, with most major credit cards accepted, except Diners Club and American Express.

When do you charge my Account?

All orders by debit or credit card (via Paypal) and all direct PayPal are debited on order payment.

Will I get an Order Confirmation?

If you order online, and provide a valid e-mail address, you will get an automatic order confirmation e-mail. We do not send Confirmations out by Post.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If for any reason you need to make changes, please email Customer Services, and we will endeavour to help. But only if order has not already been dispatched. Please refer to Conditions of Sale.

When will I receive my order?

For plants in pots like blueberries we ship out all year round.

We send most bare-root tree orders out between October and March. We do contact you by email to advise when your order is being sent.

Scions and Rootstock are normally shipped from January to March.

If a 'safe' place has been nominated for parcels to be left. We would highlight, that whilst unattended your parcel will not be covered for loss or damage.

We may hold your order if adverse weather is forecast that may affect your plants

Can I Track my order?

If you have provided us with a valid e-mail address, we will confirm shipping to you when your parcel actually is packed and leaves the nursery. This confirmation e-mail contains a link enabling you to track your order's progress. If you have not received goods a week after the shipping e-mail date, please call Customer Services.

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When is the best time to place an order?

Orders can be placed throughout the year. By September we start to get busy and we tend to sell out of many varieties by Christmas, so if require particular varieties it is best to order early.

Am I too late to order some apple scions for our community orchard. We still have some rootstocks but want to increase our range of varieties.

Hi - We are currently stocktaking on scion availability. So we will be updating webshop tomorrow (Wednesday 10th March 2021).

Can I request a delivery date

Live items have to be despatched when our nursery judges that they are ready, we do not store them. We regretfully advise that we are unable to accept requests for them to be held for despatch on or after certain dates.

My order has not been delivered?

As the majority of our parcels are delivered via couriers, we cannot guarantee 100% that your goods will arrive with you on the day we state. On a average 98% arrive on the expected date, the other 2% the day after.

Please keep checking tracking, this will show your parcels progress. Please refer to our Conditions of Sale.

How can I track my order?

Please refer to your email sent when packed/shipped. This will highlight if it has tracking applied to it. Reference will be made to a tracking number and website for tracking.

How do you ensure the trees will arrive in a healthy condition?

Our trees are carefully packaged to ensure they reach their destination without damage. The roots are packed moist. Please refer to Conditions of Sale for more in depth details.

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What to do with bare root trees on delivery?

If the ground is frozen when your plants arrive, please open and check the contents, and temporarily store any bare root plants in a frost-free unheated place such as a garage or shed until there is a thaw. Keep the roots in a plastic bag or a bucket to avoid them drying out. But keep them damp at all times.

I see mould on my bare roots, will it be ok?

Yes it will be ok. Just wash it off in some warm (not hot) water.

My plants were wilted upon arrival. Are they dead?

During their shipping journey, our trees and plants travel in a dark box for two or more days and are likely exposed to extreme temperatures. Wilting is a normal way for trees and plants to conserve energy when exposed to these elements and is nothing to be concerned about. With proper watering, they will rejuvenate quickly.

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What preparation do I need to make before my plants arrive?

Generally, none. We don't recommend digging holes because they'll be too big or too small and fill up with water. Holes can also be a Health and Safety problem ie trip hazard. They won't need manure applying either. The only thing we do recommend is Root grow, which seems to work pretty well, or bone meal.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have now received the scions that you have sent for my apple, pear, plum, cherry and damson trees. I currently have these stored together in damp kitchen roll in the fridge. I am located in Manchester UK. Please can you advise . . .

Hi - If you are grafting onto an existing tree in the garden, then you can wait until just before budbreak. If you do it earlier you stand a chance of the wind or birds or snow from dislodging the graft joint.

However if it is more controlled, and grafting onto barerooted rootstock or even potted rootstock. You can graft anytime from Christmas to bud break. These have to be grown in bird proof and dog proof etc areas, typically in the greenhouse or even the back of the garage. Ensure soil and roots kept damp. Then put outside come spring.

Will my fruit trees need supporting?

When planting, any dwarfing or semi dwarfing trees will need a stake for support all their life. Any non dwarfing trees only need temporary canes. Do not forget to use a rabbit or vermin guard if necessary.

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After Care
Should the trees be pruned in the first year?

Unless you are following a specific branch traing regime like 'cordons', then really no. I always like to leave one fruit on the tree, just so I can taste it and to confirm the variety.

How should I feed my tree?

Feed it in March with a slow release fertiliser (available in most garden shops). Apply only sufficient for the tree: too much is worse than none at all. I tend to use Gowmore 7:7:7 or Bonemeal.

When is the Best Time to Prune Fruit Trees?

The best time to prune a fruit tree is every spring while your tree is still dormant. This allows you to see the branches without leaves in the way, it also allows the tree to start healing as soon as it comes out of dormancy.

However any Prunus species must be pruned in Summer, so callusing can occur quickly, preventing silver leaf getting hold.

Security / Data Protection
Will you sell or publish my personal information?

Never. We ensure your personal information is kept in strict confidentiality.

Why do I have to log in?

This is to help make your online shopping safe and secure and is necessary when giving personal details or making a payment. It also allows you to track your orders and to change your personal details online.

How will I know that my order has been accepted?

Assuming you have given us a valid email address, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order.




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