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Top working an old Conference pear tree – end February 2021

It seemed a good time to use a non productive Conference pear tree to keep some old Turkish pear varieties growing. I had 3 varieties of Turkish pears, Sheikh Serfettin, Ankara and Tacettin Usta to graft. The below are a … Continue reading

Snow in the Orchard January 2021

Winter Snow in the Orchard February 2021 Continue reading

A really dirty looking apple with large Water Core

In gathering any apples left hanging, that might be useful for cooking. We found 2 apples that were very dirty looking, but very heavy. We assumed they were going to be hard and good for cooking. They were added to … Continue reading

A little advice re Solar Panels connected to Trail Cameras

Here we have one small detail that I overlooked in installing a Solar Panel to my battery charger setup, plugged into my trail cameras. This information may be quite minor, but it is not detailed anywhere. Maybe people already know … Continue reading

Requested photos of Newly Formed Roots and Callusing of Rootstock

Many people have asked how do the roots form on rootstock. The basic’s are the same for any hardwood cuttings and there propagation. Here we have a bundle callused rootstocks, just come out of the heated beds. Most are callused, … Continue reading

Apple – William Crump – Nov 2020

William Crump is a relatively large apple by modern standards. It was named after the head gardener at Madresfield Court in Worcesterhire in 1908. It is a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and Worcester Pearmain, hence its bright red skin … Continue reading

Hens Turd Apple Variety – Nov 2020

I have a problem, this variety was given to me as scion wood. It is supposed to be a Hens Turd apple. I have no confirmed photo id of this variety, so I cannot verify it being correct. If anybody … Continue reading

Buzzards eating post in an old tree – Nov 2020

We have a gappy hedge that was overgrown, with branches bending over laying over the ground. The hedge is primarily blackthorn, with the odd hawthorn and and old (almost dead) oak tree. I can understand about the oak giving up, … Continue reading

Dawlish Countryside Park Orchard – October 2020

Somewhere different and never been too before, and it has 2 orchards. This is Dawlish Countryside Park in Devon, UK. Continue reading

A big apple ‘Lanes Prince Albert’ 30th Oct 2020

variety that does not need any sugar adding when used in cooking. The sizes of our fruit can be over 15cm diameter and a weight over 500 grams Continue reading

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Its a 'bittersweet' apple used for cider making, with quite large fruit that are bright crimson colour. It produces acidic juice with no astingency and makes a light fruity cider.
A good cropper used in modern orchards. Medium sized, conical, pale yellow apples that drop from the tree when ripe. Flesh is white, sweet and firm. A vintage quality cider apple that also makes good juice.
Fruit is small and pale green in color. It produces a sweet juice resulting in a clean, bittersweet cider ideal for blending with other ciders.
Fruit is mild bittersweet and it is moderately vigorous tree, producing small, conical, red flushed, russeted apples. Also known as 'Bulmer's Fillbarrel'. Very scab resistant.
It comes into its own when fully ripe. It is one of the last plums to be available in the season. It is medium sized with deep blue skin, its texture is firm, juicey and sweet.
This variety is highly recommended, with delicate pink blossom in spring, followed by large bright yellow pear shaped quinces.
This variety is very well known, and gives consistent fruiting every year. Producing abundant large dog rose type flowers in spring and fruit in late autumn.
This variety is probably more well known than the 'Royal', and gives consistent fruiting every year. Producing abundant large dog rose type flowers in spring and larger fruit than the 'Royal' in late autumn.
A very well known cooking variety of cherry. Not very often taken by birds. If left on tree to be fully ripe they can be eaten fresh.
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