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Chemical content of Composts – June 2022

As part of my upgarding of the nursery, we decided to investigate alternatives to ‘normal’ compost. Whilst most compost suppliers do not add a chemical content breakdown on the bags, they may well give a PH value. Which is usefull … Continue reading

Selection of Furry Fruit (Unripe ) – Mid June 2022

If the weather keeps up, and we have warm rain, it is looking like its going to be good year for Peaches, Almonds and Apricots. These are just a few of the varieties that we grow in an open field, … Continue reading

Preston Hall, Pathhead, Midlothian Fig Collection supplied by

The following varieties of figs were supplied over a 3 year period. The intention of Kate Danesh the Senior Gardener at Preston Hall Pathhead Midlothian EH37 5UG is to create espaliers on a hot south facing outdoor wall in … Continue reading

Soil Analaysis, Chemical content and Trace Elements – November 2021

All my soil gets sampled and sent away for a chemical analysis and report. Continue reading

Radipole Community Orchard, Weymouth, Dorset – October 2021

One of the first orchards we have been too in the Weymouth area of Dorset. Please have a look at the official website. We are at Radipole Community Orchard, Weymouth, Dorset – October 2021, sometimes called Denis Williams Community Orchard. … Continue reading

Jubilee Green Orchard Community Orchard, Bridport, Dorset – October 2021

Very hard to find this orchard, as not sign posted. We did not know what we were looking for. As there was only a small amount of trees. Here we are at Jubilee Green Orchard Community Orchard, Bridport, Dorset. Have … Continue reading

St Mary’s Church Field Community Orchard, Bridport, Dorset – October 2021

One of the first orchards we have been too, that sign posts it from off the main road. Nice touch. Please have a look at the official website. We are at St Mary’s Church Field Community Orchard, Bridport, Dorset – … Continue reading

Fig – Too Big for its Pants – Its a Big Fig

We have a fig tree that really got to big in its location. It was only a little plant when put in, but 3 years later we decided to move it. It had been sat on the garden soil for … Continue reading

Plant Health Inspection by APHA July 2021

Today the 7th July 2021 was the first inspection of the year by our (UK’s) APHA or Animal and Plant Health Agency. It was a special sort of day, as our inspector was undecided on the leaf and stalk of … Continue reading

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It comes into its own when fully ripe. It is one of the last plums to be available in the season. It is medium sized with deep blue skin, its texture is firm, juicey and sweet.
It is self fertile and is a very heavy cropper. It is of medium size with an almost similar skin colouring to a Victoria. It is a cross of Oullins Gage and Early Favourite. When fully ripe it has a sweet gage type...
A very large plum which has a yellow skin and pink patches when ripe. The taste of the fruit is excellent and sweet and juicey with a lovely perfume.
It is of good taste and it is very productive, and it is self fertile. Can be used for cooking as well as eating.
A quite large purple / black skinned plum primarly used for cooking. However if left to ripen fully it can be very sweet to eat straight from the tree.
In good years or given protection it can produce heavy crops of juicy, sweet, red purple fruit that ripens in July.  The fruit can be picked unripe, as they do ripen off the tree. Methley is self fertile.
Very productive variety of Japanese plum, producing masses of large bright yellow fruits, up to 60mm diameter. The flesh of the fruits are bright yellow and are very juicey.
on trial in our nursery - It is a heavy cropper and it has an intense sweet, nectar-like, juicy flavour. Breed in the UK and released for sale in 2000.
On trial. A Romanian root stock variety, with height about the same as St Julien 'A', but has the added advantage of being resistant to droughts. So it should do well in the new UK summer climates. It is resistant to...
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