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Grapes (Vitis vinifera)

Grapes are easy to grow, as long the variety is compatible with the local environment. Be it indoors are outdoors, red, white or black, seed or seedless.

The art to successful grape growing is as again with all other fruit, variety, temperature, nutrients, water, air flow and pruning regime.

You have to be ruthless in thinning out the grape bunches. I know it seems harsh, all of those small bunches of grapes growing well. But in the long term its for the better.

All of our varieties are grown outside, on a cordon system, protection must be given against the birds.


  • Grape Scions

    Please Note - We take orders for scions from August onwards, but shipping is only normally during January to March.

    If in doubt please ask.

  • Grape Trees Potted

    Potted fruit trees are relatively easy to care for, they need regular watering, fertilizing, and pruning.

    They will need repotting into a larger pot as and when required, or planting in the ground.

    Please Note - We take orders for potted trees during the whole of the year. If in doubt please ask.

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