The use of rootstock is the basis for modern tree production for most fruit and nuts and ornamental's.

It enables a known variety to be mass produced, by using scions or buds that are grafted onto rootstocks.

Rootstock also determines the growth rate and ultimate height.

Each type of rootstock is suited for different soils and climates be it cold hardiness or wetness, and also disease and bacterial resistance.


  • Rootstock Barerooted

    Fruit trees are grown on a rootstock, which is a plant that provides the roots and lower trunk of the tree.

    The rootstock determines the size of the tree, so by choosing the right rootstock, you can ensure that your tree will be the perfect size for your space.

    If you are interested in grafting fruit trees, you need to choose the right rootstock for your climate and soil conditions and ultimate height. This can provide you with delicious fruit for many years to come.

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