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Walnut trees are a popular choice for home growers because they produce delicious nuts and can live for centuries. However, growing walnut trees from seed can be a slow and unpredictable process. This is where grafting comes in.

The success of walnut tree grafting depends on a number of factors, including the type of graft used, the condition of the rootstock and scion, and the temperature at which the graft is performed. The optimal temperature for walnut tree grafting is 27 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the callus tissue will form quickly and the graft will be more likely to be successful.

If the graft is successful, the scion wood will begin to grow and the rootstock tree will provide support for the new tree. The new tree will typically begin to bear fruit in about 5 years.

With a little care and attention, you can successfully scion graft a walnut tree and enjoy fresh, homegrown walnuts for years to come.

Please Note - We take orders for scions from May onwards, but shipping is only normally during January to March.

If in doubt please ask.

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