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  • Fruit Trees

    We supply Fruit Trees of most types from Apple to Apricots. We do not knowingly sell patented scions or trees, if we have inadvertently offered for sale any varieties, please get in touch with us urgently.

  • Rootstock

    The use of rootstock is the basis for modern tree production for most fruit and nuts and ornamental's.

    It enables a known variety to be mass produced, by using scions or buds that are grafted onto rootstocks.

    Rootstock also determines the growth rate and ultimate height.

    Each type of rootstock is suited for different soils and climates be it cold hardiness or wetness, and also disease and bacterial resistance.

  • Grafting Supplies

    We supply the correct grafting tape, in amounts suitable for 10, 50 and 100 grafts. Tape can be coloured white or green

    This tape naturally decomposes and falls off, as the graft joint or bud swells.

    Many of the other tapes being supplied do not do this, and you have go round cutting them off with a sharp knife.

    But you have to judge the correct timing. To early and the graft has not been formed, and the scion drops off. Or the tape strangles the scion and rootstock.

  • Pollinators

    Red Mason bees (Osmia Rufa).

    To aid pollination of our orchards, we use Mason Bees.

    These are very docile, and do not create honey. They only gather pollen and mud.

    They lay eggs in hollows in walls etc. Then they add a quantity of pollen, for the newly hatched to feed upon in spring.

    When each egg has been laid and sufficient pollen has been added. The hole in the wall is plugged with mud. If the depth of the hole is deep more eggs are laid and plugged, until the hole is full.

    We use tubes as an alternative to a hole in the wall. Strangely the first eggs laid in the holes are female, followed then by a few males. The males are the 1st to hatch.

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